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Camber - 1st single from 'The Revenge Of The Lawn'

Honed from years of song-smithing at the coal face, Australian musician Steve Lane has produced what he calls his first true single… a convivial highway alt country rock cruiser with a strong undercurrent of Americana and Jangle Pop, no doubt fueled by their recent successful showcases in Canada.

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On his upcoming fourth album, 'The Great Imposter', we hear Steve Lane at the peak of his song writing powers, grappling with the world as he encounters it in 10 warm, honest, heartfelt pop songs.


The infectious first single ‘Certainty’ could be an anthem for the era. As coastlines erode and a pandemic re-shapes our ideas of the future – even the near future – Lane celebrates things that endure (‘every breathing leaf… hands deep in soil… the stories of the old ones’) and brings it all home when he concludes, ‘in these uncertain times, you are my certainty’. This beautiful refrain is driven by a rock piano line that would make Ben Folds envious.

Joshua Meadows

'It's a Jangle Out There'

Maine FM

Tour Dates 

4,5,6 October

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